Korona House

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About Us, Korona House

Bed and Breakfast in Arusha, Tanzania

Korona House

Korona House – Bed & Breakfast is a small stylish guest house located in the Njiro area of Arusha. Formerly an area of a sisal plantation estate and now one of Arusha’s most respected residential areas.The House is owned by a local family of Tanzanians, resident on the Korona Village.

One of the objective of the Korona House is to provide employment locally, by directly employing a couple of women,and youth on the village so as to improve the wellbeing of the families in the area. We also purchase local produce directly from the village in terms of Fresh Fruits and vegetables for our over night guests, hence supporting the local economy . Your visit and stay at the Korona House, helps meet the objective.

We are small and don’t think of expanding further than what we are at the moment, our 8 Rooms are meant to keep a maximum number of 16 residents ( at Double Occupancy ) at full house, hence a manageable number on the house to allow us keep that unique home and personal attention to all our residents in the House.

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