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Guest Information, FAQs

The Management and Staff warmly Welcomes you to Korona House, In here is some useful info during your stay, kindly read it carefully and feel free to email /phone for more info before arrival.

1.Drinking Water: We provide 1 bottled water in the rooms and  another complimentary  Bottle of Water during meals. Should you require extra water in your room or between meals, kindly ask our House Manager for water which is available on sale.


2.Meals schedule and Bar : Breakfast time is between 6:30am to 9:00am daily, should you want an early or later Breakfast, kindly let the House Manager know about your scheduled time well in advance the evening before.  We do have main meals on full course (Lunches and Dinners) We do have a small but uniquely designed Dining room at the back of the main House where we serve all our meals, however guests are free ask for a drink or meal of their Choice and you will be served from any where on the property including Room service, Garden Umbrellas or preferably at the TOP Balcony overlooking the front, located on the upstairs at the Top of the House. However we have a set Menu served at fixed times.  You will need to place in your order as soon as you check in. Lunches may be served between 12:30 – 3:00pm and Dinners at 7:30 “ 9:00Pm. Ask the House Manager for the MENU. Tea/Coffee with Bites/Cookies are available between 4:00-6:00Pm daily and this is free to all our resident guests. In addition, we do have a variety of Non alcoholic Drinks and Alcoholic drinks to Include Beers, Wines and Spirits available in the House. Feel free to ask for a drink of your Choice and you will be served from any where on the property including Room service, Garden Umbrellas or preferably at the TOP Balcony overlooking the front, located on the upstairs at the Top of the House. Do not forget , our Kilimanjaro Coffee pot has been popular, feel free to ask for a boiled pot of Tanzania`s finest Kilimanjaro Coffee at Korona House and packs of Kilimanjaro coffee are available for sale at the restaurant for your souvenir at home.


3.Hot water for your Shower: All our rooms have a comfortable telephone type/wall plug on shower with warm water heated by Electricity with a solar buck up. We request our Guest to use any running water a little spare-ringly as water is a scarce recourse anywhere. This way Kindly close the water taps while in or out of the rooms.


4.Electricity:We are currently running on Electricity supplied from the National Grid, this is usually rationed country wide and can be on and off without notice. However we have a dry cell backup system, solar fittings and a stand by generator.This way you are guaranteed power 24 hours during your stay at Korona House. In this case, again in a way to save on energy and power, we kindly request all our Guests to turn off / switch off any unwanted Lights in the room during and after your stay. Should you want a rechargeable light in your room, kindly ask from the House Manager. We use 220-240 Voltage with a 3 pin British ( UK ) type pins for plugs. Should you require any multiple plug Power Adopters to fit your gargets, feel free to borrow from the House Manager. Additionally Reading Lights have been plugged into each Room on the writing table provided, the reading lights have Deamers to allow you control the amount of reading light your require.


5.Hair Dryers: We do have Hair Dryers available for your use, should you wish to use hair dryers, do not hesitate to ask from the House Manager, just remember to return it after use for the next customer to borrow. Note: Do not Plug in a Hair Dryer when we are running on dry cell power, solar system or generator.


6. Internet and Telephone ( WIFI): We do have a FREE wireless Internet on the property and a facility in your own room,as well as LAN cable connection on your reading table in the room. however if you do not have own laptop, we are running a one-man computer Internet facility near the Front Desk, kindly ask the House Manager to get you connected. The use for Internet is free, but remember to give chance for others in the house to use too.


7:Taxi Services: We have a reliable net work of Taxi Services, ask the House Manager by mentioning your planned destination and a taxi will made available to you. Meanwhile we do make arrangements to pick or drop you at the Airport on request for a fee.


8:Laundry services: A laundry List is available in this booklet, complete the Laundry card and drop all your required laundry Items on the floor. In order to keep within environmental guidelines, we will always change your Towels daily, but for guests staying a second night, we will keep the same bed sheets and will only change them if requested.

9.Medical: We do not have an in- House Medical Personnel, however we do have a first Aid Kit at the Manager`s office. Should you have a serious medical Issue that requires urgent attention, we have AAR ( African Air Rescue) Emergency Phone numbers and besides, Korona House is fortunate to be neighbored by a Roman Catholic Convent whose Nuns ( Canossa Sisters ) run a dispensary in a walking distance, we can access this facility 24Hrs.

10.Check out time: All rooms should be vacated by 10:30am,so we can have it ready for the next visitors, should intend to stay an additional night or so, kindly let our House Manager know about it the evening before and so we can check availability as we have limited number of guest rooms.

11. Safe Storage:  We do stock excessive baggage that you do not need for the rest of your stay in Tanzania, safari or climb. We will keep your buggage for free. Please let us know before check out. The House managers office is equipped with a safe deposit, should you have any valuables that you think should be kept in a more safe custody, feel free to have these listed and registered with the House Manager and a receipt for  the same be issued for your easy claim when required.

12. Giving Back :Within the Korona village are local primary and kindergarten schools that look after the dis- advantaged children ,you are well come to visit a school with some supplies that may include: Pen,Pencil,writing material and sports equipment like Soccer balls. Or any contribution that you could as an individual or group. Ask our House manager for further info.

13: Guest Questionnaire: A guest Questionnaire has been inserted in this booklet, kindly take your precious time available to complete it and leave it in the booklet, we will pick it for our action and we will listen . Thanks again for your time.

14.Lastly: Remember to come back and tell others about your Korona Experience remember to come back and tell others about your Korona

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